Mexico Bariatrics is a premier Bariatric Surgery Center offering bariatric weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Gastric Banding

The capacity of the stomach is made smaller by placing an inflatable silicone band around the upper part of the stomach.

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Gastric Bypass

Using surgical staples we will create a small pouch from the upper stomach, partitioning it from the lower part of your stomach.

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Sleeve Gastrectomy

Involves converting the stomach into a long thin tube by stapling the stomach and then removing of approximately 75% of it.

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Bariatric Surgery Tijuana

Dr. Salvador Ramirez, MD

Dr. Salvador Ramirez, MD works with a simple guiding mission – help others live a good and healthy life. His practice is unique because he is a board certified general surgeon fellowship trained in minimally invasive surgery; he brings his advanced laparoscopic skills to bariatric surgery.

Dr. Salvador Ramirez, MD during a bariatric surgery procedure at Mexico Bariatric Surgery Center.

Bariatric Surgery Testimonial

Patient’s Name: Amy Harrell

“I had the sleeve gastrectomy in May 2014, with Dr. Salvador Ramirez, I lost 160 pounds in 14 months. It has changed my life 100%, I believe it saved my life. Dr. Lopez and his staff have treated me wonderful, and I´m still in contact with him. I couldn’t have found a better care any where else.”

We strive to maximize effectiveness and safety of our surgical weight loss procedures. – Says Dr. Salvador Ramirez, MD

Call our Patient´s Coordinator, at 866 477-2298 for Information about bariatric surgery and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Salvador Ramirez.

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Our Mexico Bariatric Surgery Center for Medical & Surgical Weight Loss has been established exclusively for the advanced medical and surgical treatment of severely overweight individuals. We specialize in weight loss surgery, including laparoscopic gastric bypass, gastric band, duodenal switch, sleeve gastrectomy, and revision surgeries. Our team of healthcare professionals offers a personalized, comprehensive approach to help each patient overcome the unique problems and challenges of obesity.

We want to be part of your healthcare for life. Sustaining a healthy weight is a daily process, and without an effective support system and ongoing care from experts, it can be very difficult to achieve on your own.

Our Bariatric Center for Medical & Surgical Weight Loss also has a complete medically-supervised weight loss program, including a Certified Bariatric Surgeon, Nurse Practitioners, Board Certified Anesthesiologist & a full-time Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist, all who are dedicated to your personal healthcare needs.

Each member of our highly skilled and compassionate team shares a common goal. We are here to help you defeat obesity and to help you lead a healthier, happier life.

A Story of Success

Patient’s Name: Christy Baskin Seay

” At Mexico Bariatrics, they saved my life. Down over 200lbs in a little over a year. Went from a size 28 to a size 5!!!”

Whether you need to lose 50 or 250 pounds, Mexico Bariatrics offers you an unmatched selection of weight loss solutions designed to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

We strive to maximize effectiveness and safety of our surgical weight loss procedures. – Says Dr. Salvador Ramirez

Obesity is in the news, on people’s minds, and on the agendas of the nation’s public health agencies. We all know that it means overweight, and that it’s an increasing problem in the world.

“Our team of healthcare professionals offers a personalized, comprehensive approach…”

Bariatric surgery reviews from patients of weight loss surgery in Mexico.

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About Dr. Salvador Ramirez

Dr. Salvador Ramirez, has broad experience in laparoscopic surgery and extensive operating room technical expertise for bariatric procedures, including laparoscopic gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding (Lap-Band®), sleeve gastrectomy, revisional bariatric procedures, and duodenal switch.

Dr. Salvador Ramirez has performed thousands of bariatric surgery procedures and has received numerous awards for his work in bariatric surgery.

“I know that my vast clinical experience and my training will allow me to provide optimal care for my patients. I like to believe that my patients are among my family members and I would like my family members to be treated with respect, dignity and love…”says Dr. Salvador Ramirez.

Mexico Bariatric Surgery Center

When planning for a medical procedure, patients need and deserve to know that their potential provider is reliable and excellent. Mexico Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Center is proud to meet the strict guidelines for accreditation.

Our Hospital is built on the highest principles of medical care and patient hospitality. We pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide, as well as the warm, receptive, and comforting healthcare environment we deliver for patients and families.

  • We perform over at least 50 stapling procedures per year (not including gastric banding).
  • We are fully equipped with appropriate, safe equipment for the set of specialized procedures we perform.
  • We have the appropriate facilities and staff available to provide critical care if a patient needs it.
  • We follow proven standards for excellent patient care from initial consultation through long-term follow up.

Vida Hospital is dedicated exclusively to the care of bariatric surgery patients and reconstructive surgery subsequent to weight loss. All the staff and operating rooms are specially designed for our patients.

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Mexico Bariatrics is Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence offering Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico.

Mexico Bariatrics Lobby.

Mexico Bariatrics Surgery Room

Mexico Bariatrics Patient's Room.

Mexico Bariatrics Operating Room.

We bring you state of the art surgical techniques in Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery, that are only performed in major and internationally accredited medical centers, such as Hospital Vida Tijuana.